Double rules
  SailorMidshipman: a student training to be a commissioned naval officer, especially a student at a naval academy.

This site is designed for anyone trying to learn sailing and navigating. It contains Flash movies and mnemonics about Collision Regulations, meteorology, tides and navigation procedures.

It is not an instruction site. There are plenty of sites and books which will do this. This site is purely to help you learn by bringing together little Flash movies and memory tips.

Double Rules

Note: Flash movies need the Flash plug-in to play in your browser and the Flash projector to play on your desktop. If you can see the tick on the left, you already have the plug-in; if not. you can download either or both of these free pieces of software, by visiting the Macromedia site at

The downloadable files are stored as compressed ZIP files to prevent the file opening in the browser. These can be uncompressed on both Macs (with Stuffit Expander) and PCs (with WinZip).

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