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Wolf at the Door website
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Day of the Triffids

Welcome to the personal website of Paul Thompson, the creator of the "Wolf at the Door", "Reader's Guide to Wuthering Heights" and "Reader's Guide to The Day of the Triffids " websites. Here you will find a variety of subjects.

In the Oil Crisis section, there is a summary of what you will find on the more extensive Wolf at the Door.

If you are interested in Emily Brontë's great novel, Wuthering Heights, I have a website especially about that book. Visit it here.
Alternately, you may prefer John Wyndham's classic The Day of the Triffids here.

Under Genealogy, you will find information on my family tree as far as I have progressed.

Midshipman was originally intended to be a standalone site but is now encorporated here. It is a collection of Flash instructional movies and mnemonics that I created while studying navigation during RYA sailing courses.

The Portfolio pages present other websites that I have created or worked on.

Miscellany is for things that don't fit anywhere else – a collection of pages and documents.

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